The Real Betsy DeVos May Be Someone You Do Not Recognize

Depending on what part of the country you are from, you may know Betsy DeVos as one kind of person or another. If you happen to be from her home state of Michigan, you might have some pretty strongly favorable views of the woman. She is seen as a powerful businesswoman, and she is also seen as a kind and generous soul by many there. Those from the rest of the country are often getting just their first look at this person, and they may view her quite differently.


When DeVos was first selected as the Secretary of Education by President Trump, some were left wondering who this person was. We wondered how it was that we had not heard of her name before when she was about to become someone with such power. The truth is though, perhaps we should have known of her.


Those who do know her say that she is often underestimated. Just because she has done a lot with her life to better the lives of others does not in any way imply that she is not a tough political fighter. As a matter of fact, anyone who crosses her had better prepare themselves for a battle.


She has long been a strong advocate for charter schools. It is her belief that these schools serve the student population more fully. She wants to see the country develop policies that encourage more charter schools to form, and to have more students attending those schools.


DeVos has little experience in politics herself, but she has worked alongside those who share her passion for charter schools. She is also a billionaire, so that helps her have a lot of influence no matter where she goes. She may not have a long history in politics, or with the President himself, but she does have political instincts that are difficult to organically develop in a person.


You can like her or hate her, but it is widely expected that she is going to get a hang for this political game and get the things she wants. She has a strong sense for when she should bring things into the public spotlight, and when it is best for her to operate in the shadows. Whatever has to be done to get more of the agenda pushed through, that is what she will do. It is really as simple as that.


Those who are opposed to DeVos have tried to point out that she does not have many connections to public schools. They wonder why it is that she is the one selected to run the way in which the government operates its schools when she does not particularly have the experience to do so. They very much question her abilities to work in this area at all. Even worse, they are skeptical of her agenda to push for charter schools. They believe that she is only doing so as a way of funneling more money into donors of her political friends. Regardless, she is the one with the power right now, and people are either going to have to love it or hate it. Learn more:

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