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Moseley Road used to be known for its luxurious swimming baths which were unprecedentedly closed down a few years ago.

Swimming lovers are however having something to smile about after the city council of Birmingham granted the Moseley Road Baths Charitable Incorporated Organization a license to run the facility and manage it henceforth.

The decision was highly welcome by members of the council who also promised to go to great lengths to ensure that the facility is well repaired before it is reopened again for use. The restoration process, though anticipated to take some time, would ensure that the facility is adorable enough to draw the attention and interest of swimmers from all across the neighborhood and the world at large. The restoration works are estimated to incur costs amounting to £200,000.

According to an analysis by the BBC on, the Mosley Road swimming pools have a rich history, one that deserves extra attention and preservation.

They are the only existing swimming pools enlisted at the Grade II category and which trace their history back to the 1880’s during which public baths were constructed. The few remaining pools have been subject to neglect and have not attracted any interest whatsoever as far as rehabilitation is concerned The fact that these facilities are being renovated for use for charitable purposes implies a major revamp of historic sites in Birmingham.

However, as renovations are bound to start, safety would the utmost priority as the pools have been closed down before on grounds of safety concerns.

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