The Success of Drew Madden as a Healthcare Entrepreneur

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When you think of healthcare IT, the name Drew Madden rings true. As an entrepreneur who is focused on building quality teams and client partnerships, Madden has moved forward the healthcare industry by infusing the type of technology that can be seen in some of the most successful tech startups around the country.

Electronic medical records are something that Drew Madden is passionate about. While working with Nordic Consulting Partners, he was able to grow a company from 10 employees to 725 employees. Not only was he able to grow the workforce of this medical consulting firm, he was also able to grow the annual revenues from $1,000,000 to $130,000,000.

With Amazon continuing to dominate just about every retail market, it is no surprise that they now want a piece of the healthcare pie. Amazon has recently acquired pharmacy licenses in several states. This will put them in a position to start nudging their way into the prescription game. However, CVS is following closely behind by looking to buy healthcare giant Atena. CVS is also taking an Amazon-style approach to the healthcare game by announcing next day delivery on prescription medications. Check out for more.

While Amazon is taking a much more retail-based approach to this competitive market, CVS is looking to take a much more comprehensive approach. By offering affordable medications and health insurance, they are giving their customers a packaged deal that many will not be able to turn down. While Amazon already has an amazing grasp of the retail market, it will be tough to compete with a company like CVS that has so many years of experience. You can visit

Only time will tell which retail giant will reign supreme. As the future of healthcare continues, individuals like Madden will help to push the industry forward. Startups will always play a vital role in the development of technologies and processes that will save lives.

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