The Successes and Achievements of Businessman Greg Secker

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Greg Secker was born on February 18, 1975. His career in trading took off when he was in the Thomas Cook Financial Services. Once he felt that he had gained sufficient knowledge, he tried his skills and luck in the foreign exchange business world where he was at the helm of the Virtual Trading Desk. VTD was the first software in Forex trading that allowed customers to view large foreign exchange transactions quotes in real-time. He delved more in-depth in the world of trading when he met some of the best traders in the world, and that was also when he became the vice president of the Mellon Financial Corporation, a role that he earned for his excellent participation and dedication.

Greg Secker and His Path To Becoming A Master Trader And One Of The World’s Most Generous Philanthropists

Greg’s trading account grew so much to the extent that he felt that with all the skills and experiences he acquired in his travels and line work, he could leave Mellon and set up his own trading floor. In just a span of 3 months, his private trading company achieved a lot of success, and that’s where he founded Learn to Trade. Today, he is the owner of the Knowledge to Action Group which is composed of several companies including Learn to Trade, SmartCharts Software, Capital Index, FX Capital and his non-profit The Greg Secker Foundation.

For his part, Greg credits his success to all the experiences he has acquired in his travels and working on many trading floors in the United States. But experiences and stock knowledge are not enough to achieve the success that Greg has over the years. Greg has said that he often brain-storm ideas within himself and for that, it was vital for him to find a lot of time for himself to think. Another critical aspect for Greg is learning through his own mistakes. For him, one of the failures he first experienced was not researching enough about the countries they were investing in. But it was a great learning experience for him which also resulted in other successes.

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