The Universal Magic that is WEN by Chaz

Recently, Emily McClure (a hairstylist) wrote a satisfyingly descriptive and adequately informative article about WEN by Chaz, and its effect on her ultra-fine hair. Emily had gone through a week of WEN, describing the reaction her hair had to the product each time she showered. Normally, she preferred to shower at night, but in using WEN she realized that the best time to use it is in the morning, every morning. Waking up after having washed her hair the night before with this product, she noticed her hair was unusually oily. This is one of the factors that led Emily to realize the proper time of day and consistency in which she should wash her hair using WEN. For girls with average hair textures and hair that leans more towards the dryer end of the spectrum, this product will probably instantly work wonders on your hair with no need for adjustments! For those with fine hair such as Emily, the product produces your desired result, but takes a little bit of adjustment to get it there. Which is expected when you have a hair type that is extreme, whether it be fine or thick. Ultimately, WEN gives you the results it promises, and the results you want! It just takes a few washes to find your groove; no hair type is the same!

Chaz Dean is a stylist residing in the ever-so-glamorous Los Angeles, California with a large clientele consisting of celebrities. You would think being a terribly successful hair stylist in such a big city would make you a certain way, but Chaz remains humble-hearted and maintains a strong Zen-like aura, ensuring his customers are at constantly at ease and have confidence in the results he will produce. Chaz has always had an aesthetically centered passion, being raised in a very artistic and beautifully creative environment. Starting out investing his time and creative energy in photography, this allowed him to develop the ability to accurately create the exact images he wanted to capture; making his transition to becoming a hair stylist exceptionally smooth.

Relying on his spirituality to keep him grounded, Chaz makes it a point to give each concept he forms deep thought and consideration, to ensure that he is able to reach a wider audience and make a bigger difference.

Ultimately, WEN by Chaz is everything you could want for your hair in one product, created by everything you could ever hope for in a hair stylist! Wen products are available on Guthy-Renker and QVC stores nationwide.

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