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In today’s hustle and bustle world of fast business and fast food, its rare that we get a chance to stop and take a peek behind the face of our food industry and see what goes on and where our food comes from. One of the world’s leading providers of meat products to a variety of major chains as well as private label products is OSI Group LLC. This massive international corporation is a true example of an American success story as its origin is among the humblest of beginnings.

It began in 1909 when German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky opened up a family oriented meat market in Oak Park, Illinois. Barely over a decade after opening his doors Otto expanded into the wholesale meat market and after moving to a Chicago suburb began operating as Otto & Sons. As time progressed Otto & Sons continued to establish a name for themselves among the top providers of high quality meats.

As technology progressed so did the enterprising Otto Kolschowsky, opening his first high volume production plant in 1973 that utilized custom made patty forming machines and liquid nitrogen freezing tubes to ensure the high quality of the meat was flash frozen and kept food-safe for distribution. It is clear that throughout the years the importance of maintaining the highest quality products was always at the forefront for Otto.

In today’s markets OSI produces bacon, pizza, hot dogs, fish, poultry, pork, dough products and still maintains manufacturing of meat patties throughout the years. Headquartered in Aurora, IL, OSI Group has manufacturing facilities not just all over America but also has many facilities across the world. OSI has also been a key provider for many western based fast-food chains operating within China, providing them with the meats and other products they need to operate.

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