Turning Down the Summer Heat with Goettl

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As the summer heats up, many people find themselves facing high utility bills from trying to keep cool. A few simple steps can save money and energy, however, making sure you stay comfortable all summer. First, you may want to consider an upgrade. This does require an investment in a new system, but the newer Energy Star actually use about half the energy of what older units use so this option will pay for itself after just a few months. Another similar option is to switch to programmable thermostats. This will allow you to have the temperature lower itself in the night or when you’re not home automatically, saving you wasting energy. It’s also a good idea to keep your HVAC protected with some simple shrubs or a small awning to cover it, keeping it cool and running. In this same vein, make sure to have regular maintenance performed on your unit, including changing the filters at the recommended intervals. Visit Glass Door for more details.

In your house itself, you can save by making some minor checks such as ensuring all of the vents are clean and unobstructed. This will allow for maximum airflow throughout the home. Check windows and doors for leaks. Adding or replacing old weather stripping will stop the cool air from escaping. Also, just closing the curtains or blinds can prevent the sun from adding unwanted heat into the home.

Since 1926 Goettl has been providing customers with industry leading HVAC solutions. Started in Ohio, founders the Goettl brothers moved to Arizona, where innovating and perfecting cooling and heating solutions became a priority. This fine tradition continues to this day, with the Goettl brothers own grandsons now at the helm. From commercial to residential buildings, remodels or new systems, Goettl is keeping thousands of people in Arizona cool and comfortable all summer.

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