USA Swimming Offers New Academic Award

The sport of swimming is a very competitive sport that showcases some of the strongest athletes in the world. While the sport tends to be showcased the most during the Olympics every four years, there are still thousands of young athletes that are participate every year in the hopes of winning state championships, earning a scholarship to college, and even making the Olympic team. For those that are involved in swimming, there is also system that will encourage swimmers to do well in the classroom (

The USA Swimming Scholastic All-America Program is a formal program that is designed to encourage kids to do well in the pool and in the classroom. While it used to be only available to older students, it has been recently expanded to include 9th graders as well. Winning an award from the USA Swimming Scholastic All-America Program could go a very long way when it comes to being recognized for future college scholarships and other merits.

For those to quality for the award, they will need to do very well in school and in the pool. The swimmers will need to have at least a 3.5 GPA during the current calendar year while also achieving a qualifying time to make it to the Junior National Finals, which are held each year. Those that are taking harder classes, such as those that provide AP credits, will be able to count an additional half point on their grade. This will encourage kids to take harder classes as well.

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