White House pool opened on July 2, 1933

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Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy are two presidents known to have disabilities. Both presidents kept their conditions hidden from the public as much as possible. The former went to great lengths to hide his polio from the American populace. He also swam as a form of therapy for his poliomyelitis. Because he kept his therapy methods up, he had a swimming pool installed in the presidential residence shortly after he took office. The first White House swimming pool opened on July 2, 1933.


The pool might have not seen installation in the White House’s West Wing at all if it were not for a successful fund raising campaign conducted by the New York Daily News. Despite keeping his condition a secret, the second presidential Roosevelt became an advocate of the therapy in polio’s treatment. Before the installation of the pool he only had two places to swim. The first was at his home in New York, and the second was in Georgia.


White House residents continue to enjoy the pool today, and although polio is a rare condition in the United Sates, swimming has benefits for other health conditions as well. People who suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia and other conditions that cause chronic pain. Most people use local facilities. The White House pool is only open to a few individuals. It is probably not where Melania is hiding.