Why is Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Continuing to Grow?

To better understand how any clothing retailer can grow in this market, you have to look at who is dominating that market. In the online clothing world, Amazon continues to be the leader and pull down nearly 20 percent of all the cash that passes hands in this very competitive niche. That could scare the daylights out of any clothing retailer, especially one new to the industry. That does not appear to be the case with Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, who have recently passed the $250 million mark in sales in less than three years.


This is something most in that industry would dream of achieving, yet Hudson talks openly about how her company continues to shatter sales record year to year. Hudson says that Fabletics is making use of a couple sales techniques that are nothing new to the industry, just utilized in a way that are yielding incredible results. To start, Hudson says membership perks are something she is very generous with, giving clients more than they could ever expect for their business. Next, Hudson says reverse show rooming has catapulted her sales numbers into the stratosphere.


Look at what is going on inside any of the Fabletics mall stores, and you will get a better understanding as to why this clothing retailer has been able to close that huge gap to Amazon. Women are packed in the store all hours of the day, trying on all the workout apparel, taking the Lifestyle Quiz, and browsing the new arrivals section for tank tops, leggings, or yoga pants. When you see a customer leave the store without buying, it is all part of the sales program in full force.


Those items the customers tried on in the store will be loaded automatically to that member’s online account. This means the customer has the ability to return when they have time to continue shopping on their terms. That is exactly what is happening too, as more customers understand these benefits and shop online when they have the free time to relax and scan the huge online inventory.


Don’t forget the membership perks; which range from discounted prices on all the apparel, free shipping for online orders, and even help from your own shopping assistant. With so many things designed to make shopping easier for the customer, it is no wonder those in the clothing industry are certainly taking notice to everything Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been doing recently.

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