Why More People Are Swimming In Cold Water

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The thought of swimming in cold water makes a lot of people cringe. However, more people are opting to do it. This trend is nothing new. In fact, people have been swimming in cold water since the 1800s. Many of these people swam in cold water without wet suits.

Jitka Tauferva is 76-years-old and is a part of a swimming club in the Czech Republic. She is in excellent health. She stated that she has not had the flu in 25 years. She stated that cold water swimming is one of the reasons that she has not been sick. Jitka also suffered from back pain in the past, which she says disappeared when she started swimming.

Research has shown that cold water swimming does have some health benefits. Many people have been able to get instant pain relief by submerging themselves in water. There was another study done that showed that swimming in cold water can ease depression symptoms. It can raise the chemicals in the blood that regulate mood.

There was a study done in 2011 where soccer players were asked to submerge themselves in water. The results of the study showed that the players had less pain and fatigue after a game. Even though swimming in cold water can benefit your health, it does has some health risks.

Cold water can increase stress hormone production, which can cause the blood pressure to rise. This can be dangerous for people who already have heart or blood pressure problems. There is also a hypothermia risk. That is why people who swim in cold water gradually acclimatize themselves to the cold temperatures.

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