Yanni Hufnagel Living his All Time Dream

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Yanni Hufnagel is one of the coaches and has had a great impact in the American basketball. Yanni has not undergone a smooth path in his basketball career but has been strong throughout following his passion. He is a graduate of Cornell and played basketball while in high school.

Yanni Hufnagel has experienced success with the Crimson in the past seasons. While at the position of assistant coach at Harvard Basketball team, Harvard was able to win the Ivy League. This was their first time to achieve this milestone.

The Jewish Coaches Association boasts of producing quality coaches with examples of Josh Pastner and Yanni Hufnagel (Twitter). These are the most promising coaches they say basketball will ever have. Josh Pastner coaches the University of Memphis.

In 2011 when CBS Sports conducted their survey on around 100 coaches, Yanni Hufnagel won the award for the outstanding assistant coach in a mid-major category. His remarkable capability is based on his recruiting capacity. On the other hand, Pastner was recognised for his relentless ability in college basketball recruitment. Pastner was quick to applaud Hufnagel and accepted that Yanni is a better recruiter and he takes after him.

Yanni Hufnagel best outfit when going to work is sweatpants. He got used to this as a kid. According to his broadcast partner, Ed Cohen, his past as a kid was all about basketball and he had a lot of skills in analyzing basketball than the rest of them. This made her believe that Yanni’s future was in basketball. Yanni spent his first year in Cornell as a basketball manager, and in 2009, he moved to Havard.

Yanni Hufnagel was raised in Scarsdale, New York. He then attended Scarsdale High School before heading to Pennsylvania State University for one year. He proceeded to Cornell University and graduated with a degree in Industrial and Labour Relations.

Yanni Hufnagel advanced to the University of Oklahoma where he served as graduate assistant coach. He then went to Harvard Crimson as an assistant coach in June 2009. In April 2016, he took the assistant coach position at University of Nevada which he holds until today.

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