Sightsavers Saving Lives


Sightsavers launched a new app that will advance doctors success and ensure the quality of cataract surgery. This app will revolutionize the success rate for doctors and help them learn from there mistakes to save more lives. This app is named BOOST. BOOST stands for Better Operative Outcomes Software Tool. This tool that Sightsavers has launched will help people all around the world and create an environment to limit doctors mistakes and help them gain perfection in every surgery that they do.


Sightsavers app will help surgeons access information about their surgeries in an easy to access place. This app will help doctors see their mistakes from anywhere. This can be from New York to Russia. This will help surgeons measure how well the surgeries went and also find any mistakes and help the doctors with understanding the surgery success from anywhere around the world.

Sightsavers app will mostly target the elimination of cataract surgery this will help people all around the world to get rid of there blindness and help people see a world that they haven’t seen before. Furthermore, since the app is extremely portable, as long as you have a smartphone, it can be used anywhere to help people all over the world. Moreover, this revolutionary app was invented by Standard Chartered Bank’s Seeing is Believing initiative. With the collaboration from Sightsavers, this dream app became a reality.


Finally, this Better Operative Outcomes Software Tool, will reform the ability of doctors and help them with surgeries no matter where they go. Sightsavers application with creating a new era of leading doctors and help exterminate cataracts from every living person in the world. Finally, thanks to the help from Sightsavers this grand app can revolutionize doctors skill level and create a better future for everyone on the Globe.

Afford to Travel With The Many Different Opportunities of Market America


While a lot of people love to travel, there are some people who do not travel as much as they would like to. One of the most common reasons for this is that they can’t afford it. A person’s financial situation is the one thing that is holding him back from traveling. Fortunately, Market America has addressed this in a multitude of ways. While many people are content with spending less money on travel items, Market America has opportunities that make it so that people will be able to take the kind of vacations they want and experience some of the most rejuvenating days off.

One thing that Market America does is offer money making opportunities. One of the money making opportunities is selling for them. Users can sign up and take the necessary courses in order to get started. With the right marketing techniques, they will be able to make more than a living. Another method that Market America offers for saving money is giving people a shopping opportunity where they are able to save money. In a way, people are actually paid to shop. This is one of the most attractive aspects of shopping at Market America.

Among the people who are very likely to travel are entrepreneurs. One of the reasons that they are more likely to travel is because they have worked very hard for their ability to travel. They have worked diligently and in an organized manner so that they will be able to reach their financial and business goals. Market America encourages people to reward themselves with the example they show. Also, vacations and travel can be one of the best opportunities for people to market their brand. People are attracted to companies that seem happy as opposed to those that seem like they are struggling and miserable.

Atlantic City Children Provided With Swimming Lessons


A new program in Atlantic City, New Jersey hosted by the Brigantine Aquatic Center is providing the opportunity for 115 students from kindergarten to the eighth grade to attend swimming lessons at the MLK school swimming pool.

The program has been referred to as “Whelan’s Whales” is inspired by the late Senator Jim Whelan. Senator Whelan was a long-time school teacher in Atlantic City and was also a lifeguard and swim instructor before becoming the city’s mayor. Senator Whelan passed away last August at the age of 68.

Robin Taylor, the owner of the Aquatic Center, operates the program along with daughter Sari Carroll and says that the first matter of priority when teaching novice swimmers is to build up endurance. Taylor explains that it is important to build legs that are strong enough to save their lives in the water if ever in damage.

The World Health Organization says that drowning is the third leading cause of death globally for children ranging in ages from 5 to 14. Taylor says that it is a responsibility she readily accepts to teach children how to swim and make them knowledgeable about the realities of the water.

Officials in the state of New Jersey say that 188 deaths due to drowning occurred in the state between the years of 2014 and 2016. Nationally, one in five people that die from drowning are below the age of 14.

The pilot program began in May and will take place over a seven-week period that will end in late June.

Dr. Mark McKenna Introduces New Cosmetic App


After 10 years in his own practice working with Botox, Dr. Mark McKenna decided to build his own Uber-style app. Dr. S. Mark McKenna earned his medical degree at Tulane University. Right after graduation, McKenna joined his father in his medical practice. Realizing that it was tough to become a doctor, McKenna tried real estate for awhile in 1999. His venture into real estate was short-lived when his dream of being a successful real estate agent in New Orleans was washed away by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Dr. Mark McKenna returned to medicine and specialized in cosmetic medicine. Dr. McKenna moved to Atlanta, Ga., where he established ShapeMed. ShapeMed not only specializes in Botox injections, the staff performs laser hair removal and nutrition and weight counseling. In 2017, ShapeMed introduced a new kind of cosmetic medical facility.


Dr. Mark McKenna began OVME on March 1, after selling ShapeMed to Life Time Fitness. OVME has four private, luxury treatment rooms. McKenna wants to offer patients products that only offer the precise results for their individualized needs that will include hair restoration, skin peels, and more. The doctor plans to leverage technology to supply an optimal new kind of medical treatment. OVME is pronounced of me. McKenna decided not to use the original name Medical Face. OVME isn’t that obvious, and you have to think about it before you realize it’s about serving the individual’s needs. The new facility is located in Buckhead, Ga. McKenna wants to move away from a one size fits all approach to cosmetic medicine.


Patients will be able to arrange a medical appointment for the treatment at OVME from just a click on their cellphone. Dr. Mark McKenna is planning to have a chain of OVME offices that will be set up with the new app. Patients can place appointments with freelance practitioners who make house calls. Whether a patient comes in for treatment or has someone come to the house, the treatment they receive is minimally invasive. McKenna has become a celebrity doctor in the world of cosmetic doctors. OVME will be around a long time.

Swimmer Returns To The Pool After Dealing With Medical Hardships


Dawson Kramer is finally able to return to the pool after taking a long break from it. He is a student at Greenville Eastside High School and a member of the swim team. He stated that the pool is his happy place and where he needs to be.

Medical issues forced Dawson to take a break from the pool. He was born with a concave chest. This caused his rib and breastbone to grow abnormally. The abnormality was putting a strain on Dawson’s heart and lungs. He had to undergo a procedure to correct this problem. Two metal bars were placed in Dawson’s back. Doctors thought that everything would be okay after that. However, things were not okay.

Dawson ended up developing an allergic reaction to the two bars that were placed in his back. His condition worsened over the next couple of weeks. He lost a lot of weight because he could barely eat. He had to undergo a second procedure to replace the bars.

The second procedure caused internal trauma to Dawson’s body. He could not attend the eighth grade because he could barely move. Dawson said that this was the worst time of his life and he wanted to get back in the pool.

When he started physical therapy, he got back in the pool. Dawson’s mother said that his whole demeanor changed when he got in the water. Dawson had to undergo a third procedure in April 2017. He was able to make a full recovery and joined the swimming team last fall.

Dawson said that since he made it through this ordeal, nothing is going to stop him now.

MB2 Appoints Jackson Hilthebrand as the New Chief Finance Officer


Jackson Hildebrand was announced as the new Chief Financial Officer by the management board of MB2. This came after a decision had been met by the members of the committee. Jackson Hildebrand emerged as the most experienced candidate for the job. Upon joining MB2 Jackson Hildebrand is expected to oversee day-to-day financial operations, accounting, reporting, and giving projections regarding the financial state of the organization.

Before joining MB as the Chief Financial Officer, Jackson Hildebrand served as the Financial Director of TPG Capital where he was responsible for managing all accounting and financial operations. He also gained early experience from KPMG where he was able to learn the basics of finance, accounting, and leadership skills. He is a qualified individual with a bachelor’s and master’s degree.

When asked about his new appointment, Jackson Hildebrand responded by saying that his greatest dream had almost been achieved. He always wanted to shift from the private equity sector to a portfolio company where he could run end-to-end financial and accounting operations. He added that he is humbled to join the company and he’s honored to join something great. Jackson Hildebrand believes that his skills and expertise in the accounting and financial field will be of the great essence at MB2.

When the Chief Executive Officer of MB2, Dr. Chris Villanueva, was asked to comment on the new appointment, he stated that the firm was incorporating great skills and expertise. He added that MB2 being a company that concentrates on the investments by dentists, Hildebrand’s financial skills could be of the great essence. He believes that Jackson Hildebrand will bring leadership skills that will help the firm achieve its objectives.

About MB2

MB2 Dental Solution concentrates on the investments of the affiliate dentists and private practitioners. They provide them with the necessary services so that they can focus on the patients.

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Carmel Swimmer Going to Purdue:


Kendra Bowen is just a couple of months away from beginning her senior year at Carmel High School in Indiana, but she already knows what college she wants to attend. The mid-distance swimmer recently announced her verbal commitment to remain in her native state and attend Purdue University.

On her social media, Bowen posted, “I am so excited to announce my verbal commitment to continue my swimming and academic career at Purdue University! Can’t wait to be a Boilermaker.”

This past season, Bowen helped Carmel win its 32nd consecutive state title. She finished fifth in the 500 freestyle and sixth in the 200 freestyle. Along with her accomplishments for the Greyhound swim team, Bowen is also part of the Carmel Swim Club. With them, she competed in the American Short Course Championships, where she placed in the top eight in the 200 and 500 freestyles. Bowen also recorded personal bests in the 50, 100, and 500 free, the 200 fly, and the 400 IM. As a sophomore in 2017, Bowen was named to the Hamilton County Reporter’s All-County Third Team for Swim and Dive.

Bowen comes into a Purdue program that finished 19th at the National Championships this year. They also had a sixth place finish at the Big Ten Championships. The Lady Boilmakers have finished in the top ten of the conference championships every year since 1999.

Top Swimmers in Two Conferences to Battle it Out:


Their swimmers brought home championships and top ten finishes at the NCAA National Meet. Both the Big Ten and the Atlantic Coast Conferences made their marks felt on the national stage for the 2017-2018 season. In November, the top swimmers from both conferences will face off in an All-Star Meet. Your text to link…


Purdue University in Indiana has been selected as the site for this battle between the Big Ten and the ACC. The All-Star Meet is slated for November 9th through the 11th. In this year’s national meet, both the Boilmaker Men and Women, representing the ACC, finished 19th.


Both conferences had a lot to be proud of when it came to the National Meet. For the ACC on the men’s side, two schools finished in the top ten, with NC State fourth and Louisville ninth. Five Wolfpack swimmers won national titles. Two ACC Women’s teams also placed in the top ten at nationals, with Louisville fifth and Virginia ninth. NC State also had a top 20 finish, coming in 18th.


The Big Ten also has much to brag about, with the Indiana Men finishing third, Michigan seventh, and Ohio State 16th, with two individual national champions. The women had top fifteen finishes from Michigan (4th), Indiana (8th), Minnesota (10th), and Ohio State (13th).


More specific details about the meet should be released in the coming weeks.

White House pool opened on July 2, 1933


Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy are two presidents known to have disabilities. Both presidents kept their conditions hidden from the public as much as possible. The former went to great lengths to hide his polio from the American populace. He also swam as a form of therapy for his poliomyelitis. Because he kept his therapy methods up, he had a swimming pool installed in the presidential residence shortly after he took office. The first White House swimming pool opened on July 2, 1933.


The pool might have not seen installation in the White House’s West Wing at all if it were not for a successful fund raising campaign conducted by the New York Daily News. Despite keeping his condition a secret, the second presidential Roosevelt became an advocate of the therapy in polio’s treatment. Before the installation of the pool he only had two places to swim. The first was at his home in New York, and the second was in Georgia.


White House residents continue to enjoy the pool today, and although polio is a rare condition in the United Sates, swimming has benefits for other health conditions as well. People who suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia and other conditions that cause chronic pain. Most people use local facilities. The White House pool is only open to a few individuals. It is probably not where Melania is hiding.

Chris Burch: The Face behind Nihi Sumba Resort


Judging by the success that he has achieved as a businessman, Chris Burch is undoubtedly the semblance of an entrepreneurial mind. Chris is the founder and CEO of Creative Capital, a business venture that incorporates several businesses including poppin, Trademark, Cocoon9, Nihiwatu among others. Creative Capital deals in lifestyle and consumer products that range from home furnishing, hospitality, and technology. Chris Burch has over 40-years’ experience in entrepreneurship, and within that period, he has participated in the rise of more than 50 companies. No doubt, this is a record that is likely to remain unbeaten.

From the onset, Chris Burch had an innovative mind, and this is what prompted him to venture into business. His success story begins in 1976 when he, together with his brother, invested 2000 dollars to start a company called Eagle’s Eye. The company grew to be a big success and was later bought by Swire Group for 165 million dollars. Chris Burch went ahead to invest in Internet Capital Group and gained considerable experience to continue pursuing different ventures, check ( His success was largely aided by his ability to understand consumer behaviour and his expertise in utilizing direct-to-consumer channels.

Among his most popular investments is Nihi Sumba Resort, a property he acquired in 2012. The hotel is located on the Indonesian island of Sumba and was initially a hostel owned by a New Jersey couple. Chris partnered with James McBride to purchase the property for 30 million dollars. Nihi Sumba Resort offers an array of services like surfing, yoga sessions, and sunset horse riding. The resort has 27 villas for accommodation, and Chris’s private house is usually available for guests too. Nihi Sumba Resort has been voted the best hotel in the world by Travel + Leisure readers in 2016 and 2017, see it here (

Chris Burch has several investments both locally and internationally. He has partnered with Ellen DeGeneres in her lifestyle brand called ED; he owns Blink Health, Brad’s Raw Foods, Chubbies, Soludos, Little Duck Organics, and BaubleBar, learn more on Burch also held various leadership positions; for instance, he was on the board of Rothman Institute Orthopedic Institution and is a past president of Pierre Hotel Co-op Board. He takes part in philanthropy and has contributed immensely to research projects under Sumba Foundation, The Child Welfare League of China, and The Henry Street Settlement. Chris Burch is an enviable symbol of success, find more