Alejandro Betancourt: An Expert in Neurosurgery and Spinal Conditions

Alejandro Betancourt is a highly skilled neurosurgeon with
over 20 years of experience serving patients in the Rio Grande Valley. With a
specialization in minimally invasive and open surgical approaches to complex
spine surger y, Dr. Betancourt has become a trusted name in the field of

Dr. Betancourt’s expertise lies in providing patients with
the most advanced and effective treatment options  for various spinal
conditions. Whether it’s sacroiliac joint dysfunction, arthritis of the spine,
or herniated discs, he offers a range of minimally invasive techniques to
alleviate pain and restore mobility. 

One of the key benefits of Dr. Betancourt’s approach is his
focus on preservi ng the normal muscle and tissue of the back. By employing
techniques such as posterior TLIF, anterior ALIF, and lateral DLIF, he
minimizes the impact on surrounding structures, resulting in better short and
long-term outcomes for patients. Additionally, he utilizes percutaneous and
robot-navigated pedicle screw insertion, ensuring precise and accurate

In cases where surgery is necessary, Dr. Betancourt also
specializes in MIS sacroiliac joint fusion. This innovative procedure,
performed with SI- BONE, offers excellent outcomes for patients suffering from
intractable low back pain. By diagnosing and treating this often underdiagnosed
condition, Dr. Betancourt brings relief to patients who have struggled with chronic
pain for years. 

Dr. Betancourt’s commitment to providing the best possible
care extends beyond surgical interventions. He takes the time to thoroughly
evaluate each patient’s condition, tailoring treatment plans to their uniqu e
needs. He believes in a multidisciplinary approach and collaborates closely
with other medical professionals to ensure comprehensive care for every

If you are experiencing any neurological or spinal issues,
Alejandro Betancourt, MD, is the expert you can trust. With his extensive
experience, cutting-edge techniques, and patient-centered  approach, he has
helped numerous individuals regain their quality of life. Contact Dr.
Betancourt and his team at RGV Spine & Neurosurgical Institute to schedule
a consultation and take the first step towards recovery. 

In conclusion, Alejandro Betancourt is a highly skilled
neurosurgeon specializing in minimally invasive spine surgery. With his
expertise and patient-centered approach, he offers advanced treatment options
for various spinal conditions, bringing relief and improved quality of life to
his patients.