Andrew Rolfe: The dynamics of Donor Funding

Jacob Lief is the CEO and founder of Ubuntu Education Fund, an organization that helps less privileged children in South Africa. For years, he has been collecting money from various donors to help vulnerable children in Eastern Cape of South Africa. Lief targets high-net-worth individuals who give out grants without restrictions.


The role of Ubuntu Education Fund in philanthropy


According to Lief, limited funding limits the achievement of Ubuntu Education Fund’s objective, which is to set up charities to help children. Lief’s organization employs the “Ubuntu model” to come up with plans to improve the lives of children languishing in poverty. Research reveals that getting donors who give out their money without restrictions is difficult. Among the most demanding benefactors is the late Peter Lewis, an executive from Cleveland, Ohio.


Other financiers impose their wishes on how to run their charities on their last will. A good example is Albert Barnes, an art dealer who did not want his art moved from Philadelphia. It took a long legal battle for the charity organization to gain control of Albert’s assets. So as to minimize these conflicts, it is advisable that a donor becomes a member of the non-profit board. This way the donor feels engaged to the cause. However, this comes with its limitations, especially if the donor is interested in supporting a particular project.


About Andrew Rolfe


Andrew Rolfe sits on the board of directors of Ubuntu Fund, Rolfe is an Oxford-educated scholar. He is proud holder of an MBA from the well-known Harvard Business School. Rolfe holds a degree in M.A., which equips him with skills for managing donor funds. Rolfe has been an active member of the board of Ubuntu Fund for close to a decade now. As the chairman of this foundation, Rolfe is responsible for overseeing the development of plans aimed at helping the children in the community. He is committed to improving the health, education standards, and the stability of people in the society. Rolfe is also responsible for managing donations given out for charities. He has since donated more than $100,000 to the Ubuntu Education Fund. Rolfe is skilled in the management and mobilization of corporate leaders to raise funds in an attempt to help needy children.

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