Exploration of PPPs to help the economy in Brazil

The Federal Law 11,079 / 04 of December 2004 laid the laws for implementing public private partnerships. The use of public private partnerships is a win / win situation for the economy, because it’s an opportunity to get traditional expensive infrastructure projects completed at a fraction of the cost. Public private partnerships also are excellent

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Troy McQuagge’s Hope Program at USHealth

The wildly successful HOPE program was created by USHEALTH, a health care organization that gives customers the ability to find suitable health coverage for their own needs. For well over 50 years, this organization has provided affordable health insurance to its diverse and widespread customer base. In addition to being affordable, the plans that these

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Sahm Adrangi – Career and Advice

Mr. Sahm Adrangi is a businessman and a company owner. He started his entrepreneurship with the establishment of the Kerrisdale Captal Management LLC with headquarters set up in New York City. Up to date, Mr. Sahm Adrangi is the Chief Investment Officer of the finance firm. For many years, Mr. Sahm Adrangi was working as

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