Clay Hutson Adds His Magic to Halsey’s Tour in Australia

For many pop stars that want to make a name for themselves in the competitive music industry, having the right support from their clients takes them a long way in making the live tours a success. This is especially the case when one is new in the industry as there is pressure to maintain the current hype and remain influential. Apart from having the best talent, it is solely vital that one receives ample staff support. Remember that it is every pop star’s wish to leave their fans awed by their performance and yearning for so much more. For instance, one requires a tour manager that is all-rounded regarding having ample knowledge in the music industry, high expertise, and appropriate equipment among so much more. Interesting to note, Clay Hutson is an individual who fits perfectly into the picture, and this is the reason why he was the best choice for Halsey for her music tour.


Halsey, whose birth names are Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, is a renowned pop singer who has risen to the top as a result of her great music. She came to the limelight in the year 2014 after she signed with the famous Astralwerks. It only took three years for her shine through her album, “Bad at Love.” Halsey’s tour will have her exposed to various parts of Asia and Latin America. There are also female performers that will be tagging along during the tour such as Kehlani, Niki, and Lauren Jauregui. With such a live music tour in place, only the best support staff can be sought, and a great way of achieving this is by hiring Clay Hutson as the tour manager.


About Clay Hutson


Clay Hutson is a renowned and respected music tour manager in the music industry. He has run huge music tours in the past which have turned out to be quite a success. Some of the big names he has worked with include Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Guns N’Roses, and Prince among others. Clay brings to the table many years of bountiful experience in the music industry which makes him the best pick for most music icons when it comes to managing live tours.


Being a production manager and sound engineer, Clay has specialized in various services such as show producer, state management, logistics management, rigging, and production management among many others. With Clay Hutson holding your hand, you can be sure of having a successful live show tour. Learn more:

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