Cow Rescued From Swimming Pool

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Edgewater firefighters made an unusual rescue. They rescued a cow that had fallen into a homeowner’s swimming pool. The Woodland Volunteer Fire Department received a call saying that an animal had fallen into the swimming pool. When the officials arrived, they realized that there was a cow in the pool.


Rescuing the cow was a difficult task. The firefighters and homeowner had created steps using cinder blocks. After that, they spent 1.5 hours trying to rescue the cow from the pool. The cow could not stand up after they got her out of the pool.


The firefighters tried a variety of things to help the cow stand up. However, nothing that they did worked. However, the firefighters had to use a harness to get the cow out of the pool. They took her to a pasture, and she was eventually able to stand up and walk. The entire rescue took about three hours.


This is not the first time that a cow has ended up in a swimming pool. Last year, a man in North Carolina came home and found a cow in his pool. He lifted up the pool cover and discovered there was a cow there. The man recruited 10 people who used a lasso to get the cow out of the pool. They were able to reunite the cow with its owner.

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