Dick Devos – article recap

The Devos Legacy Continue To Be Defined


Both Dick and Betsy Devos have been deeply devoted to the Grand Rapids area for decades. They have been a political and economic force behind the development of the region, and have been staunch opponents of publicly funded mega-ventures from the outset. This is represented by their opposition to a multi-sport and convention center just north of Downtown Grand Rapids back in 1991. Using his influence as an up and coming businessman, Dick was able to help sway opinion against the idea, fearing that it would be disastrous for the city in the future, much like what happened in Detroit when two professional sports teams left the cities some two decades earlier.


This story represents the focus that Dick Devos has always had on public life. Him and his wife have been active in the Republican Party for decades, working from within to impact change both in Michigan and the United States as a whole. Consider school choice as an example. Michigan has long been on the cutting edge of this issue, being one of the first two states in the union (along with Arizona) tp permit the public funding of charter schools. While not everyone has saw eye to eye with Betsy’s vision in this regard, both she and her husband have continued to fight for the right of parent’s to send their children to private schools via the use of a federally funded voucher system. Personal conviction is what continues to drive the couple even to this day.


Dick himself continues to be quite popular, both in Michigan and nationally. While he lost a bid for the governorship in Michigan some years back, this has not stopped him from helping out when duty calls. Now that his wife is the Secretary of Education for the Trump Administration, he has regained his footing on the national stage once again. He is using his experience as the former  Corporation to impact CEO of the Amway change on a massive scale. Just recently, for example, he was appointed to a civilian oversight panel for the Federal Aviation Administration. In addition to many other personal accomplishments, Dick is a an experienced pilot. He now aims to bring that experience to Washington to help oversee long range budgeting and safety measures impacting the aviation industry in the United States.


Devos will serve as a volunteer on this panel for three years. During that time, he will retain his public and private business interests, while meeting on a periodic basis in Washington. This means that he will continue to be the CEO of The Windquest Group. As a holding company in Grand Rapids, he oversees numerous companies including Coppercraft Distillery, Boxed Water is Better, and The Stow Company. His experience that brings him to the FAA includes helping to turn around the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. He hopes to use that experience on this panel to impact lasting change that can benefit the government and private citizens alike.  Learn more:  http://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2017/09/dick_devos_tapped_for_faas_top.html


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