Dr. Mark McKenna Introduces New Cosmetic App

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After 10 years in his own practice working with Botox, Dr. Mark McKenna decided to build his own Uber-style app. Dr. S. Mark McKenna earned his medical degree at Tulane University. Right after graduation, McKenna joined his father in his medical practice. Realizing that it was tough to become a doctor, McKenna tried real estate for awhile in 1999. His venture into real estate was short-lived when his dream of being a successful real estate agent in New Orleans was washed away by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Dr. Mark McKenna returned to medicine and specialized in cosmetic medicine. Dr. McKenna moved to Atlanta, Ga., where he established ShapeMed. ShapeMed not only specializes in Botox injections, the staff performs laser hair removal and nutrition and weight counseling. In 2017, ShapeMed introduced a new kind of cosmetic medical facility.


Dr. Mark McKenna began OVME on March 1, after selling ShapeMed to Life Time Fitness. OVME has four private, luxury treatment rooms. McKenna wants to offer patients products that only offer the precise results for their individualized needs that will include hair restoration, skin peels, and more. The doctor plans to leverage technology to supply an optimal new kind of medical treatment. OVME is pronounced of me. McKenna decided not to use the original name Medical Face. OVME isn’t that obvious, and you have to think about it before you realize it’s about serving the individual’s needs. The new facility is located in Buckhead, Ga. McKenna wants to move away from a one size fits all approach to cosmetic medicine.


Patients will be able to arrange a medical appointment for the treatment at OVME from just a click on their cellphone. Dr. Mark McKenna is planning to have a chain of OVME offices that will be set up with the new app. Patients can place appointments with freelance practitioners who make house calls. Whether a patient comes in for treatment or has someone come to the house, the treatment they receive is minimally invasive. McKenna has become a celebrity doctor in the world of cosmetic doctors. OVME will be around a long time.