End Citizens United’s Mission To Change The Campaign Finance System

End Citizens United was launched in 2015. Grassroots donors support this Political Action Committee (PAC). The PAC is committed to countering the catastrophic effects of Citizens United. It is also dedicated to reforming the campaign finance system. Following the decision of the Supreme Court in 2010 in the case of Citizens United vs F.E.C., the American elections landscape was completely changed. This is because it created a basis for the notion that corporations are people. Moreover, it opened doors for special interests and billionaires to spend unlimited and untraceable money in elections on opensecrets.org. For this reason, there has not been transparency and accountability in funding of elections.

End Citizens United intends to show elected officials, voters, the press, and candidates that the grassroots are retaliating with force. They are against the increasing hardheartedness of billionaires attempting to buy elections. This move will be important in creating a wide coalition that will work towards campaign reform. It will also press lawmakers to take action. End Citizens United’s mission is to advocate for clean money in politics and discard the rigged political system. This objective will be realized by electing champions of campaign finance reform and passing state ballot actions.

The PAC set out to be a big player in 2016. Among its plans was channeling millions of dollars to Democratic candidates across the country, particularly those running in the competitive House and Senate races on Facebook. Its ultimate objective is to pass a constitutional amendment in order to reverse the Citizens United decision made by the Supreme Court. While there are other PACs focusing on campaign finance reform, End Citizens United is different. According to Richard Carbo, who serves as the PAC’s communications director, what distinguishes End Citizens United is its way of addressing the political question on having people elected. The elected leaders are the ones in a position to change the current laws. This means that they should support candidates that back campaign finance reform. The candidates support came in the form of direct mailers, television ads, and polling.

End Citizens United’s push of passing a constitutional amendment was met with skepticism by a number of financial experts. For a constitutional amendment to take place, two thirds of the House and the Senate must consent. Additionally, it has to be approved by three-fourths of states. Sunlight Foundation’s policy director, John Wonderlich noted that it is a high bar for a constitutional amendment. Rick Hasen, a professor of political science and law at UC-Irvine School of Law argued that organizations such as End Citizens United serve a crucial role. They keep political pressure on the Supreme Court and other political actors. The entity continues with its process of making the public aware of the decision made by the Supreme Court. Carbo noted $30 million could influence a House race in a major way. This information was originally mentioned on MSNBC

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