From Humble Meat Market to Global Food Giant, the OSI Industries Story Is A True American Story of Success:

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OSI Industries is a food processing wholesaler that is based in Aurora, Illinois and has a huge presence in the global food market. The firm supplies processed meat products and other food items such as vegetables to some of the most well know and largest food chains in the world. Clients such as McDonald’s, Papa Johns, Subway and KFC are members of the OSI customer base. Since the 1970s OSI has expanded from being a large U.S. food wholesaler to a global one. Today the company’s operations are present in seventeen different countries across the globe. Recent years have seen a particularly forward moving expansion and growth plan out of the food processing giant. The food markets in Europe, China and Australia have been penetrated to a much deeper degree by OSI Industries over the last decade. Several big acquisitions have been made by the firm in this regard. The Dutch food processing firm Baho Food and its operations in the Netherlands and Germany were acquired by OSI as well as British food operation Flagship Europe. OSI has also recently announced that it has secured control of the Australian food company Turi Foods. OSI’s tenth Chinese plant also opened its doors in the last few years.

OSI Industries is a truly global enterprise now and one of the top one hundred U.S. food companies. OSI ranks as one of the largest companies of its type in the world. It didn’t start out like this though as OSI can trace its roots back to a very humble and simple beginning. American’s are often informed about the fact that the country was built up as a nation of immigrants who came over to make new lives for themselves and their families. This is also the story of how OSI Industries was begun. Otto Kolschowsky was an immigrant who hailed from Germany and ended up in the Chicago region around the turn of the Twentieth Century. Looking to make his mark, he started a family run butchers operation that quickly grew due to his devotion to providing a high quality service. In the years that came after World War I, Otto decided that the way to expand his business was to go into the wholesale industry. Soon the name Otto and Sons became the company’s moniker. By the mid 50s, the company struck a deal with Ray Kroc and McDonald’s restaurants as the chain began a rapid expansion across the Midwest. The two company’s built up a great working relationship and seemed to grow right along with each other. OSI Industries received another big boost when financial expert Sheldon Lavin became a permanent member of the firms group of partners in 1975. The name change to OSI Industries soon followed as well as the beginnings of the global expansion that continues to date.

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