Sitting at home during the summer of 2016, the Summer Olympics filled our television sets with some of the world’s best performances in sports. In the Olympic swimming competition, Katie Ledecky won an astounding five medals, four of them being gold medals and had most of us wondering whether she would be the next big thing in the swimming world. In a recent New York Times article, the two-time Olympian decides to forego her final two years to become a professional swimmer to better prepare for the 2020 Olympic games.

You can read the New York Times article here at the following link:

At the age of 21, the swimmer is on her way to be the next Michael Phelps and is at the forefront to continue the U.S. dominance in the sport. The article cites some of the reasons for Katie skipping her last years at Stanford and the reasons for her decision which were mainly based on the type of training she will need in order to better prepare for the 2020 games. The two-time Olympian had already revolutionized the Stanford swimming team and led the Cardinals to their first ever NCAA team championship.

The sky is the limit for Katie. Becoming a professional swimmer would allow her to seek agents for her swimming which will help her define a market for her swimming endorsements. Way to go, Katie! You have made your country very proud of you!

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