Learning with Rodrigo Terpins – Director of T5 Participacoes

Almost every shopping center in Brazil has a “Lojas Marisa” store in it, and it has become one of the biggest female clothing brands in the country for the last decade.

With the logo “From women to women,” lojas Marisa has simply skyrocketed in popularity, and it is coupled with some of the internationally most famous brands of makeup, clothing and fitness apparels. Because of how Lojas Marisa was designed to please all kinds of women, from those who prefer simple aesthetics to those who really like to feel powerful and show off their personalities through their clothing, Lojas Marisa has an emphasis in having a variety of everything.

However, this article is not about the store itself, but about the Operational Director of this store, Rodrigo Terpins.

Since April of 1991 to March of 2006, Rodrigo Terpins was working with Lojas Marisa and was one of the biggest businessmen in the company, being responsible for part of its success and the business decisions that allowed it to grow to the point that it would be present in almost every shopping center in the country. For more details visit Crunchbase.

There, Rodrigo Terpins made strategic planning, business decisions, market researching, financial analysis, and took care of the import sector of the business.

Being, right now, the Director of T5 Participacoes for nine years, is also a big deed in the career of this businessman. He’s been with the company since Rodrigo Terpins left Lojas Marisa, in May of 2008, and maintained his position of Director of the board to this day.

Rodrigo Terpins lives in São Paulo, the most prominent metropolitan center in Brazil, and his role as an entrepreneur and business operator has improved many brands in the country. Terpins received his academic degree from Saint Hilaire, and’s been developing his career path since he graduated from it.

Despite being a successful business operator and the director of a very influential Brazilian group, Rodrigo Terpins is also a very known personality in the sport even known as “Rally,” where he is constantly participating in competitions and traveling around the country as one of the best off-road drivers in Brazil. You can visit his Vimeo account to see more.

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