MB2 Appoints Jackson Hilthebrand as the New Chief Finance Officer

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Jackson Hildebrand was announced as the new Chief Financial Officer by the management board of MB2. This came after a decision had been met by the members of the committee. Jackson Hildebrand emerged as the most experienced candidate for the job. Upon joining MB2 Jackson Hildebrand is expected to oversee day-to-day financial operations, accounting, reporting, and giving projections regarding the financial state of the organization.

Before joining MB as the Chief Financial Officer, Jackson Hildebrand served as the Financial Director of TPG Capital where he was responsible for managing all accounting and financial operations. He also gained early experience from KPMG where he was able to learn the basics of finance, accounting, and leadership skills. He is a qualified individual with a bachelor’s and master’s degree.

When asked about his new appointment, Jackson Hildebrand responded by saying that his greatest dream had almost been achieved. He always wanted to shift from the private equity sector to a portfolio company where he could run end-to-end financial and accounting operations. He added that he is humbled to join the company and he’s honored to join something great. Jackson Hildebrand believes that his skills and expertise in the accounting and financial field will be of the great essence at MB2.

When the Chief Executive Officer of MB2, Dr. Chris Villanueva, was asked to comment on the new appointment, he stated that the firm was incorporating great skills and expertise. He added that MB2 being a company that concentrates on the investments by dentists, Hildebrand’s financial skills could be of the great essence. He believes that Jackson Hildebrand will bring leadership skills that will help the firm achieve its objectives.

About MB2

MB2 Dental Solution concentrates on the investments of the affiliate dentists and private practitioners. They provide them with the necessary services so that they can focus on the patients.

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