Meet Adam Milstein; a Rare Blend of Activism and Philanthropy

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Adam Milstein Bio

Widely known for his vast influence in the real estate industry, Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American philanthropist serving as the national chairman of the Israeli-American Council. He doubles up as a managing partner at Hager Pacific. He also serves as the president of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation.

Background Information

An Israeli native born in Haifa, his father, was a real estate developer, which is perhaps why he got interested in this career path. Besides, he is a family man with a wife, Gila Milstein, with whom they dwell in Encino, Calif. Moreover, between them are three children and three grandchildren.


Besides that, he co-founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, together with his wife, with the aim of providing benevolent services to an array of organizations. Through this, he seeks to strengthen his fellow Jews, Israel, and the U.S.-Israel foreign policies and ties.

His Early Life and the Dawn of Career Development

Adam Milstein was the first-born of his parents, with Joshua and Dalit as his followers. He joined the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) in 1971 and took part in the 1973 Yom Kippur War with a specific assignment to Ariel Sharon’s army division. He graduated from Technion in 1978 with a Bachelor’s of Science degree, business, and economics.


Thereafter, he joined his father in helping him expanding his real estate construction venture while pursuing his higher education. Moreover, he burned the midnight oil till in 1983 when he graduated with a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree from the University of South Carolina, Los Angeles. Later on, his career kicked off when he started working in the commercial real estate as a sales agent.

Philanthropy at Its Best

Through his family Foundation, Adam Milstein outlines his beneficent services like consultation, partnership development, and fundraisers towards aiding programs linked to Jewish education, continuity, and pro-Israel advocacy. Moreover, his philanthropic philosophy consists of three principles: active philanthropy- where this involves investing time and expertise in programs and projects they support; life path impact- this consists in seeking funds to develop organizations and engage their target audiences; and philanthropic synergy- where it includes providing funding and guidance to organizations.

The Outline

Conclusively, intertwined to his altruistic acts, is the fact that he sits on the Boards of a series of organizations like StandWithUs, Jewish Funders Network, and others. Besides, he provides free monthly books in Hebrew to inculcate Jewish values to Israeli-Jewish-American families in America.

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