Meet New Zealand’s “Swim Reaper.”

A strange phenomenon has been occurring on the beaches of New Zealand. Naturally, everyone who lives or has spent any amount of time in New Zealand loves their visitor, but now there is a new visitor to the beaches they have to contend with. Oh, don’t worry, he’s harmless, but if you spot him you might paddle up in the waves next to him and say hi.

Everyone, meet an individual who goes by the name of the “Swim Reaper.” Nowadays, this Swim Reaper usually hangs out on the beach, taking pictures to share with his followers. Some of the most notable ones include shots of him holding an ice cream cone, a picture of him frolicking in the water with his horse, and various other pictures.

So what is the point of this character enjoying the sun and fun in New Zealand? Is it just a publicity stunt? No, it’s actually an important marketing campaign by this country off the coast of Australia.

This rather unique approach is designed to educate young people about the importance of taking safety precautions when they are swimming. They decided to take a humorous approach because this country is well aware that young people are not crazy about being told what to do. However, if they create a viral internet character, it will help the situation and make them realize their need to stay safe on their next swimming venture!

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