Mental Sports Coach Encourages Failure

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There is an aspect of competitive sports that is often overlooked, even in the world of swimming and it is something every athlete avoids at all costs- failure. It is purely impossible to win at everything 100% of the time. Failure actually has many positive aspects for those that choose to use failure positively.

Famous sports mental coach Will Jonathan recently shared some insight on the subject of failure in the world of sports. He has clients in a wide variety of professional sports including the Olympics, PGA, NCAA, UFC, and the Primera Liga just to name a few. His job is to help athletes prepare their mind for competition and to work through the mental challenges that come with a high level of competition.

Jonathan shared that failure is essential to success, without losing people cannot fully find their inner strength to succeed. When an athlete has an off day and places last in a race or their swimming times are the slowest they’ve ever been that is when Jonathan’s advice comes into play. He says that athletes must push themselves farther to reach their ultimate potential and when the losses come to accept them. That advice might sound foreign to most people but when it is used to find new motivation it can be the beginning of a breakthrough. Essentially, without failure, there cannot be a success.

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