Michael Burwell, The New Darling Of Willis Towers Watson

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Michael Burwell is a highly accomplished individual. Burwell is still a symbol of hope for those aspiring to become corporate heads in future even as he moves to Willis Towers Watson. Burwell has worked for PwC for many years, the time he has used to grow the brand. Luckily, the corporate world has taken note of Michael’s industriousness, since he has brought results to PwC, one of the largest auditing firms in the world.


Therefore, Burwell brings in a lot of experience to Willis Towers Watson, one that spans more than three decades. Indeed, the members of Willis Towers Watson feel delighted to have Michael on board, as they know Burwell will do greater things that his predecessor, Roger.


Burwell’s appointment is not one that has come out of the blues. Michael has been on Watson’s radar for years, as Willis Tower has always seen Burwell to be a man capable of leading the corporation in the right direction. For sure, Burwell’s background in business administration will take him a long way.


Mr. Michael Burwell plans on boosting the company’s productivity now that he is the CFO of Willis Towers Watson. Recall, Michael is a CPA holder and thus has all it takes to take Willis Towers Watson to the next level. Truly, it will be a loss for Pricewaterhouse Coopers, a gap that will take longer to fill.


Michael Burwell has done the imaginable in his short career, something his competitors’ envy. Apart from his leadership and management skills, Burwell brings his expertise on matters internal controls, portfolio management, tax, US GAAP, and mergers & acquisitions to the table. Burwell also has a background in transaction services advisory and auditing, two skills that have elevated his career.


Burwell, who has always committed to serving others, will surely make Willis Towers Watson the one-stop shop for the international community. Michael, even as he takes the baton from Roger, feels confident about heading an institution whose foundation stone got laid down years ago. Read This Article for additional information.


The new CFO of Willis Towers Watson believes Roger has always been an able leader, one who will leave his mark in all of his future undertakings. Willis Towers Watson is even stronger now that it has a powerful leader at its peak. For sure, Michael Burwell, the alumnus of the Michigan State University, has worked his way to the top, and his efforts have borne much fruit. Therefore, Willis Towers Watson is more than lucky to have him.


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