Prepare to Get your Mind Blown by Lacey and Larkin

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Lacey and Larkin are two journalists who know no fear. Jim and Michael, ever since they got acquainted, have roamed the earth trying to do what is right in God’s eyes. Unfortunately, some of their selfless deeds have many a time landed them in trouble, especially with the Maricopa County sheriff’s department under Joe Arpaio’s directive.

Arpaio, as you will come to learn, is no saint. The good sheriff ever since taking the reins of power has intimidated innocent immigrants and Latinos for God knows why. Luckily the two journalists have had a foul taste for Joe and that is why they decided to take his administration to the task a decade or so ago. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin | Twitter

It is certainly clear that Mr. Arpaio, in his twenty-four year reign as the county security boss, got disliked. Citizens including famous public figures had pointed an accusing finger at Joe for one to many, moves that made him enraged.

As it goes, Arpaio moved to court to safeguard his interests and the law unwittingly protected him. Unfortunately, all hell broke loose when Joe arrested Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey one night for allegedly exposing the proceedings of an ongoing case, a wrong move to say the least.

The duo, having sensed danger, moved to the corridors of justice and it is six years later that they won the case. To add the icing to the cake, Jim and Michael received a significant settlement for their troubles, finances they have since used to set up the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

In truth, the world is a better place now that the Frontera Fund is here. The organization has since its establishment been a Beacon of hope to the Hispanic community as it helps immigrants and Latinos fight social injustices through legal means.

So far, things are looking to the recent release of Joe Arpaio from prison. The law had finally caught up with the self-righteous Joe but not anymore. President Trump, shortly after warming his Oval Office seat, found it meaningful to award the ageing Joe Arpaio with a pardon.

Joe might be roaming the streets of Arizona as a free man but his conscience is still hung on the noose of greed and hate. Jim and Michael, however, are still aiming for their primary objective as they want to realize a liberated America.

To this end, the two brothers have resumed active journalism, taking the action wherever its needed. They have also created a website that helps promote free speech, a significant move that may soon see minority groups speak up freely without the fear of victimization.

In truth, Jim and Michael are the true definition of courage for they have thrown caution to the wind for a much greater cause, one that aims towards helping promote social freedoms.

Indeed, it has been a tough road for Lacey and Larkin, but they are both glad their efforts paid off. For sure, Arizona is moving in the right direction as Michael and Jim have vowed to fight on.