Stream Energy: A True Model for Philantropy

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Philanthropy at the heart of a company is rare in this day and time. Stream Energy is a company that is built on helping others. Stream Energy is a company that works to match people in the community with products and services that they need at a discounted price. The other part of their purpose is to help homeless individuals and their families in the community along with people who are displaced due to sudden natural disaster. It is easy to appreciate all that Stream Energy has done for its community.

It created Stream Cares, which is an organization built to partner with other not-for-profit businesses to expand their reach from the community to the world. Stream Energy partners with Habitat for Humanity, the Red Cross, and the Hope Supply Co. They are by far a model company that shows other businesses what matters. The community is the reason that Stream can give back to those in need. Naturally, they honor that day in and day out by monitoring the rate of homelessness on a daily basis. One event that Stream Energy participates in is the annual Splash for Hope.

Stream partners with the Hope Supply Co. to cover entrance and meal costs for over 1000 homeless children in North Texas to the local waterpark. It provides a fantastic opportunity for children that are less fortunate to mingle with other children and enjoy a day of fun without having to worry about funding. For some children, it is their first time at a waterpark. Whenever there is a natural disaster, Stream Energy doesn’t waste any time implementing recovery to the communities affected. In fact, Stream was one of the first organizations to provide funding when Hurricane Harvey hit Houston Texas. Hurricane Harvey caused a lot of trouble for the city. It dropped more than 50 inches of rain leaving many families displaced. Many families lost their homes, their pets, and even their loved ones. Stream is building a strong foundation for their community that will continue to evolve with the help of other organizations and people who are compassionate about making a difference in the lives of others.

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