Stream Energy: Philanthropy At Its Best

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Stream Energy is an energy service business that sells discounted services to its customers. The company is well known for its passion for community greatness and philanthropy. The entire business model is created to make everyone happy. Starting with the associates, Stream matches their philanthropic DNA to people who share the same vision of making a difference. The associates are hired as independent contractors. Their main goal is to build relationships with the members of the community by matching their needs with services offered by Stream Energy. Contractors can work as much as they want. Each sale they close results in a commission for them. Some of the services that Stream offers are fixed-rate energy and mobile phone plans. They also own Stream Cares, which is a non-profit organization that partners with other businesses to help the less fortunate. Stream Energy is making a positive difference in the community. They monitor homelessness on a regular basis. They also help rebuild cities in Texas after natural disasters. One great example of this is Hurricane Harvey. Hurricane Harvey was a devastating storm. It was a storm that no one will ever forget. Either you were a part of it, or you heard about it. The storm ripped through Dallas, Texas dropping more than 50 inches of rain. Many of the residents there were left homeless. Some lost their pets, while others lost loved ones. Stream Energy was one of the first companies to come forward and help with the recovery of the neighborhood. What was most interesting about Stream’s generosity is that they used the money that they earned from energy sales to fund the recovery. Another example of how much Stream gives back to their community is the tornado touchdown of 2016. The incident marked another devastating time for families and business owners. Multiple tornadoes hit the North Texas area on the day after Christmas. The best holiday of the year was transformed into a nightmare for many. Stream partnered with the Salvation Army to raise money to rebuild the community. They then doubled the earnings so that there would be more funding available for a new start.,-TX-jobs.html