Stream Energy, the epitome of philanthropic works

After the gruesome Hurricane Harvey, many people in Dallas were left homeless and stranded. Stream Energy, as well as Home Supply Company, came in to carry out one of the most memorable philanthropic works of helping to alleviate homelessness. The company used it’s hard earned money to fund the recovery. The company was one of the first firms to donate generously to ease the burden of the people whom they felt were their loyal customers for a long time. It was their way of giving back to the society.

Corporate philanthropy is the company’s DNA. Stream Energy had launched its charity foundation known as ‘ Stream Cares.’ The main aim of starting this foundation was to formalize their ongoing philanthropic works in Texas as well as all over the country.

This case of the Hurricane Harvey was different as it showed how corporations in Dallas are leveraging charity and philanthropy and embracing it as a major part of what they do despite running a good and flourishing business.

The way Stream Energy started a philanthropic wing earned them the respect and the loyalty of the people of Dallas, those who have heard of it as well as the commitment of their clients who then feel obliged to help by contributing to the sustainment of the foundation. This is giving back to the society.

Stream Energy has been built on long-term relationships with Habitat for Humanity and Red Cross employees. Together, they drive local grass root giving. The company also uses its sales as a way of building the loyalty of their customers who later become part and parcel of the company as well as its philanthropic activities. The company provides both residential and corporate services with discounted clean energy, telemedicine as well as virtual doctors.

The company, as well as its employees, regularly check how many people are homeless in Dallas. After the hurricane Harvey, the number of homeless people increased by a whopping twenty-four percent. Stream energy was profoundly disturbed and found another compassionate firm, and together, they provided things like diapers, clothing, school supplies and many more.

The company has proven its love for Texas yet again as it quickly came in to help after the tornado there. Its employees sprang into action as they worked with the Salvation Army and raised a lump sum amount. The company and its associates then doubled the donations. Stream Energy is the epitome of philanthropy.

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