Swimmer Michael Phelps Talks About Being Depressed

Michael Phelps has proven himself to be the greatest swimmer who ever lived. Many people believe that he is also the greatest Olympian of all-time. It is very hard to argue with that statement. Phelps won a total of 28 Olympic medals. There were 23 gold medals in that bunch. He dominated the sport of swimming like no other athlete has dominated his or her particular sport in the history of the Olympics. He has earned millions of dollars in endorsements because of his spectacular feats in the pool.

Despite his incredible success, Phelps has admitted to battling with severe bouts of depression throughout his life. He talked very candidly about his experiences with depression in a recent interview. He said that his lowest point came in 2014. He was arrested for the second time for driving under the influence of alcohol. He was suspended from the United States swimming team for six months because of this arrest. Phelps locked himself in his room and refused to come out for four days. He said he did not have the desire to live any longer. He eventually began to talk to friends and members of his family. The depression slowly went away.

Phelps is no longer depressed. He is happily married and his wife is expecting their second child. His life is going good. He has decided to try to help people who are going through depression like he was. He believes that sharing his experiences might motivate people to seek help for their problem.

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