Swimming Great Michael Phelps Takes Up Cycling

Michael Phelps received more medals for swimming than any other athlete in Olympic history. He spent hours upon hours each day working to stay in shape and have enough energy for swimming competitions around the world.

Now, Phelps has retired from the world of competitive swimming. He’s not doing too much recreational swimming either. He’s just getting into the water a couple of times each month. In order to stay in shape and control the restless energy that he says that he still feels, Phelps is working out every day on the stationary bicycle.

In a recent month, Phelps decided to ride hard and give his all to the bike for a period of 30 days straight. During that period, Phelps rode 500 miles. He spent a total of 1,100 minutes on the bike, and he ended up burning over 30,000 calories.

Although Phelps is working hard on his cycling, it doesn’t appear that competition in another sport is in his future. He has stated that if a triathlon did not have a running component, he would enter a competition without hesitation. He said that he doesn’t feel that he really has what it takes to be competitive in cycling alone.

There have been rumors that Phelps wants to get back into competitive swimming. Phelps is adamant that he is not going to get back into swimming again. He wants to spend time with his family, and he wants to spend time coaching.

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