The Top Doctor in the Treatment of Age-Related Medical Conditions – Dr. Dov Rand

Dr. Dov Rand is a renowned doctor who is a trained a specialist in bioidentical hormone replacement and integrated medicine. The doctor wears many hats whereby he practices physical medicine besides being a physiatrist and a rehabilitation doctor. Dr. Dov Rand is also the founder and president of the Healthy Aging Medical Center that is based in New Jersey. The doctor is a strong advocate of physical well-being where he advices his clients about healthy diet and fitness. Again, he also counsels his patients on how to lose weight and the conditions associated with aging.


About Dr. Dov Rand’s Anti-Aging Treatment

The doctor earned his Medical Degree from the Albert Einstein Medical Center located in New York. His treatment programs incorporate IV Nutrient Therapy and other medical remedies to help in the anti-aging processes. The process includes the prevention of disease and health restoration. Some of the conditions that the doctor treats include traumatic brain injury, erectile dysfunction, menopause, and weight gain and many more. Also, the doctor recently introduced the latest technology treatments for depression, hopelessness, and anxiety conditions.

What’s more, the health facility is centered in the wellness programs that include nutrition, exercise, and hormonal balance. Equally important, Dr. Dov rand focuses his treatment on the hormone therapy based on new technologies to patients who have disorders that are associated with aging. Again, the individualized anti-aging remedy focuses on integrative medicine where Dr. Rand combines the treatment with the natural immune of the patient. He does this by ensuring that he first gets all the information of the patient’s health by doing a thorough check-up before beginning the therapy.


Dr. Dov Rand’s Research on the Hormones

According to Dr. Dov Rand’s research, the human body contains both the good and bad hormones. He points out that the aging process is brought about by the increase of the harmful hormones while the level of good hormone goes down. As a result, the condition associated with aging process manifest themselves through a number of ways such as the weight gain due to the increase of some of the bad hormones such as insulin and cortisol. Besides, the doctor advocates for the therapy since the hormonal balance therapy help patients in not only living a healthy life but prevention against chronic diseases such as cancer.


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