USA Swimming Wins Big

During the Summer Olympics every four year, swimming is one of the most popular sports and competitions. While the Summer Olympics will always be a very popular time for swimming, there are many other times between the Olympics where people can watch some of the best swimmers in the world take place. This past week, swimming fans got to experience a very exciting event at the 2018 World Para Swimming World Series.

At this event, the United States swimming team look like one of the top swimming teams in the world. Overall, Team USA won a total of 8 medals, which included five different gold medals. The team won a very strong mix of races, including those in both the men’s and women’s brackets.

On the final day of competition, several people from the United States also were able to win their events while also setting records. Leanne Smith of Massachusetts broke the event record for the S3 100 free with a time of 1:47. This should help to set her up as she continues to pursue additional victories at some larger events that will take place later this year.

Overall, this was a great showcase of amazing swimming talent. There were representatives from over a dozen different countries and the United States continue to show that they are one of the most talented swimming teams in the world. The team will continue to look for ways to grow and develop in the coming year as they prepare for additional international meets.

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