Wyoming Men, NAU Women Win WAC Championships:

Situated 7,000 feet above sea level in Flagstaff, Arizona, home to some very harsh winters, one may not think of Northern Arizona University as a powerhouse when it comes to swimming.

But the NAU Women once again blew that perception out of the water. They came away as the Western Athletic Conference Champions for the fifth straight year. The Lady Jacks dominated the field, garnering 810 points. Second place New Mexico State came away with 601 points, Idaho was third at 585 points, and another Arizona-based school, Grand Canyon University, was fourth at 519 points.

NAU capped off its championship performance by winning the final event, the 400 Free Relay. Seniors Roni Houck, Kimmy Richter, and Alina Staffeldt, and Freshman Elisa Rodriguez set a new school record with a time of 3:23.27.

On the Men’s side, Wyoming took home the WAC title, the first time they have done so in 59 years. This comes after placing second at the conference championships in three out of the last four years. Your text to link… The Cowboys notched 851 points, while UNLV finished second with 780 points and Grand Canyon University placed third at 630 points. Wyoming did not have many first place finishes, but had a lot of swimmers place in the top eight, racking up the points and getting the title. Scotia Mullin claimed two individual championships for Wyoming in the three-meter and platform dives, while Wade Nelson won the 400 IM.

Swimming Life Lessons

Even though swimming has physical and mental health benefits, it can be difficult. People who are professional swimmers often face many obstacles. However, they are able to learn many life lessons while they are swimming.

Swimming teaches people to persevere despite the fact that there are facing adversity. Swimming is a mental sport. That is why issues that people are having outside of the pool can affect their performance. Swimming teaches people that they have to stay focused.

Swimming also teaches people the value of teamwork. You have to put other people ahead of your team. People have to make sure that they are swimming for the entire team and not just for themselves.

Additionally, swimming teaches people how to communicate effectively. You have to be able to communicate with your coaches. You also have to be able to communicate with your teammates. Great communication skills are needed in every aspect of your life.

You have to be able to effectively communicate with your employers. You have to be comfortable with asking questions and answering questions. Great communication is also an important part of the interview possible.

You will be able to get constructive criticism from your coaches. This constructive criticism will prepare you for life on the job. There are a number of aspects of swimming that can help you grow as a person. It is important to look at how swimming is helping your personal life.

Stanford Men Enter Post Season #1 in Country:

If anyone still could not decide which team would be the favorite in the Pac-12 Swimming and Diving Championships, the final CSCAA poll of the regular season may help them make up their minds. The Stanford Men jumped up from #4 in the nation to grab the #1 spot, knocking conference foe California out of the top spot. The Cardinal finished the regular season 6-0 in their dual meets. This includes a close 151-149 victory over California February 17th to close out the regular season. Your text to link… Stanford also scored another close win over another Pac-12 team, USC, getting by them 151.5-148.5. Their other dual meet victories were not as challenging; 184-101 vs. ASU, 194-99 vs. Arizona, and 141.5-95.5 vs. Utah. Capping off Stanford’s terrific regular season, Tarek Abdelghany was named the Pac-12 Diver of the Week, — his third such honor of the season — and Abrahm Devine nabbed Pac-12 Swimmer of the Week honors.

While the Cardinal enter the Conference Meet as the top team in the country, their final step to Nationals will not be an easy one. Four teams in the latest top ten poll come out of the Pac-12. Included with #1 Stanford are #2 California, #8 ASU, and #9 USC. In addition, Arizona checks in at #18 in the country.

The Pac-12 Men’s Diving Championships runs February 21st – 23rd, and the Men’s Swimming Championships takes place February 28th – March 3rd in Washington.

2017 Swim Season Does Not Step Down From Previous Years

The Olympic games are a place where records are set and the swimmers give the best of themselves. Everyone expects the best to be given at the games and for the swimmers to rest until the next 4-year event. The 2017 swimming games were an exception and will be recorded in the history of swimming with 13 Olympic distances and a world champion that went further than the Olympic winner.

Among the men that were the biggest swimmers in the Olympics were Sun Yang, Gregorio Paltrinieri, and Adam Peaty. They were able to maintain their runs from the previous Olympic games. Sun Yang improved in 2017 by 1.3 seconds.

Peaty and Paltrinieri have a four-year unbeaten path in the long-course pool swimming. The post-Olympic signs on these two were clearly seen. It is a challenge to maintain the hard work done before the Olympics. Example of this is the defeat of Paltrinieri in an 800m free in Budapest.

The three women who were at the top of the Olympic event are Katie Ledecky from the USA, Katinka Hosszu from Hungary, and Sarah Sjostrom from Sweden. The post-Olympic symptoms hit Ledecky and Hosszu as well. Both of them had world records from the previous years. Ledecky came second in Budapest to the Italian Federica Pellegrini.

Unlike them, Belmonte now belongs to the Rio-Budapest champions. Her long-course title was won in those events.

Sjostrom was a different story. She accomplished a peak performance in her freestyle. She also performed well in the sprint events.

O2Pur: A Purely Good Idea

They have become a widespread item both for consumers and manufacturers, and Motley Fool believes them to be the future of the tobacco industry. They are e-cigarettes. These alternatives to traditional tobacco cigarettes are not only popular, Motley Fool also believes them to be a good investment.

Some of the big names in the industry are British American Tobacco (BAT) and Philip Morris. Reynolds-American was also a major name in the industry; it is now, however, part of BAT after being purchased in the summer of 2017. That consolidation has been fairly typical within the industry, and it translates into close ties between the global cigarette giants. An example of the close ties can also be seen in Philip Morris’ continued business deals with its former parent company Altria–and the continued rumors that one may at some point buy the other.

There is another company that is a worthy investment, too. O2Pur is smaller than the global behemoths, but it is a company that is proof that a company need not be huge to be a good investment.

BAT is in more than a dozen markets with its various e-cigarette options, and it has plans to expand further. Philip Morris likewise is in numerous markets. That does not, however, mean that there is not plenty of room for other companies to expand as well.

The market for e-cigarettes is large, and it is growing. Philip Morris believes that society is heading for a smoke-free future, and it is urgently planning for that future. With such a scenario looming on the horizon, it is clear that there is plenty of room for growth within the e-cigarette market. That room for growth is a good thing for O2Pur, and it helps to make O2Pur a good investment.

The factors that make for a good e-cigarette are flavor, convenience, and good pricing. These are all things that O2Pur delivers on quite well.

Polish Cow Fights, Runs and Swims to Evade Butchering

A cow has claimed sanctuary on an island, defending itself from anyone who even tries to approach it, after making an exhilarating escape from the slaughterhouse. The cow took off last month when it refused to go into the truck transporting cattle to be butchered. Rather than become a passenger, the cow charged a metal fence and then proceeded to run and swim through Lake Nysa in southern Poland.

During an attempt by Mr. Lukasz, the cow’s owner, to recover the cow, the cow broke the arm of one of Lukasz’s employees. The cow then took to the water and swam toward one of the islands dotting along Lake Nysa’s middle. Lukasz even admitted seeing the cow dive at one point.

When Lukasz consulted with a vet with intentions of tranquilizing the cow, the veterinarian replied that he would need several days to refill his emptied reserves of gas cartridges. After more than a week of failed attempts to recover the cow, Lukasz has resigned himself to ensuring the cow is fed sufficiently to live. A recent investigation by firefighters spooked the cow into swimming 50 meters to an adjacent peninsula. Pawel Gotowski, deputy commander to Nysa’s fire brigade, noted the cow was scared but physically fit.

Despite Lukasz’s considerations of having the cow shot dead, Czeslaw Bilobran, a politician in Nysa, has declared that the cow’s life will be safeguarded. Pawel Kukiz, another politician and ex-singer, offered to pay for the cow’s protection in acknowledgement of the cow’s tenacity.

Swimming and Exercise

In the current age, society has become more aware of health and nutrition. We have taken more control of our diets and physical exercise. There are many avenues to assist in living a healthier life, but swimming is arguably the most effective.

Swimming is an important way to release inflammation throughout the body. Swimming assists in breaking up the lactic acid, which helps with soreness. You don’t need two hours a night to work out but take thirty-five minutes a day to hop in the pool, and do some laps. Swimming utilizes many key muscles. You can expect to work out the bicep, triceps, shoulders, chest, and back. Utilizing different strokes will isolate different muscle groups. The foundation of our strength and stability is our core. The core includes the lower back, above the knees, and the abdominal area. Swimming is the best core workout you can do. Your text to link…

In many health and fitness facilities, the pool and sauna are usually close to one another. Combining these two will be beneficial to establish a routine. Beginning a new routine you want to start out slowly, and gauge what your body can handle. The lack of resistance is important in swimming. Make it a routine to swim for the allotted time, and get in the sauna for fifteen minutes. The art of swimming brings tension and resistance free workout for vital joints and any problem areas you may have. An overlooked aspect of swimming helps your body fine tune itself to work together, and support weaker target areas. This forces the body’s muscle groups to support and assist lacking areas, and it supports stabilization muscles, which is beneficial for the body.

Swimming Horse Needs Pool Safety

In Oxfordshire recently, Mackie the horse went for a swim in a nearby backyard pool. Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue responded to the scene. With the help of a local vet and crews from Abingdon, Dicot, and Kidlington, the pool was drained, and the horse lead to safety. Pictures from the scene show the pool had been covered for the winter. However, the cover was not resilient enough to withstanding the weight of the wandering horse.

Mackie is not the only animal to decide to take a swim. Pigwig went for a dip in Dorset in 2015. A koala slipped into the shallow end in Victoria on February 3rd. Whether it is in season or out, the Humane Society reports a few additions can help save the numerous animal friends that decide to borrow backyard pools.

A fence – While pool covers keep out leaves and debris, a pool fence will keep out both wandering animals and small children.

Sloped edges – Unlike blunt drop offs, sloped edges give a surface where animals can work themselves out of the water.

Floatation devices – For small animals, a floating ramp, raft, or toy can be a real life saver. If anchored by the pool edge, they can be used to rest and then hop out.

Rope – Though it may not help all animals, a rope can be grabbed by teeth or clung to with front paws. It can be a lifeline for exhausted animals to help keep heads above water.

Swimming In The Olympics

Now that the big game is over, most people, especially die hard sports fans, will be focusing on the upcoming Winter Olympic Games. Those who enjoy poise, and elegance will be awaiting the swimming competitions. Watching the swimmers perform with such precision is a pure delight. Cheering for your favorite country to win is as exciting as the Super Bowl. It takes years of practice to become an Olympic swimmer. These atheletes go through a rigorous routine of diet and exercise. They appear to have been taught to think of their sport as a way of life. Being so focused with that thought in mind ensures a perfect competitive spirit. Your text to link…

Swimming is a sport that does wonders for all participants, even if you are not preparing for the Olympics. It is healthy, and has many medicinal benefits. Swimming is used as therapy for many illnesses. People who have had injuries that hinder their ability to walk receive great benefits from hydrotherapy. Trying to swim increases their chances of recovery, and may be capable of walking again. Learning to swim at a very young age is when most children are motivated to practice to become an Olympic swimmer. They have big dreams of winning the gold for their country. Just to be chosen as a participant is a great achievement. They are inspired by former swimmers, and aspire to be one of the great performers. Watching the swimmers as they move effortlessly through the water is a wonderful experience.

David Giertz Points Out A Big Problem Financial Advisers Usually Don’t Discuss

David Giertz is a financial adviser and executive in the financial industry. He says that he often sees many other financial advisers ignoring social security and not talking about strategies of how and when to start collecting on it. He says this is because social security is notoriously complex with rules that run hundreds of pages. He says these financial advisers are making a huge mistake for two big reasons.

The first reason, David says, is that this attitude is costing them clients. He points to a study his company, Nationwide Financial, had conducted by a research firm. This research firm concluded that many retirees are more than willing to change financial advisers if they’re not receiving strategic advice from their current adviser.

The second reason, he says, is that they’re doing a huge disservice to their clients and not looking out for their best interests. In this day and age of most people not having a pension their social security strategy needs to be discussed because it plays too big of a role in their retirement. Many people rely on social security for up to 40% of their income, David Giertz says, which is a pretty big number.

David Giertz is the president of the sales and distribution organization at Nationwide Financial. He has been with this company for many years in increasingly higher positions of authority. He also has experience at Citigroup. While at Citigroup he was a financial services adviser. His success in this role led to him being promoted to this firm’s executive vice president of sales.

David earned his bachelors degree at Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois. Later on he attended the University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida, so that he could earn an MBA. In addition to his role in the financial industry he has also served on the Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce.